8 september 2014

The Business of Science disrupted by Social Media? (blog written in 2012)

Sharing Data an utopia? More then twenty years ago I often worked -besides my study – as a temp nurse at a top cancer clinic in […]
10 augustus 2014

Full Printed

Great clip about how fast tech is moving and how our minds should swap to a different way of thinking Full Printed from nueveojos on Vimeo.
7 augustus 2014

Leiderschap, Innovatie en Disruptie

Innovatie en Disruptie kunnen hand in hand gaan Zoals binnen de ontwikkelingspsycholgie de discussie vaak gaat over continuïteit en discontinuïteit tref je bij vernieuwing een zelfde […]
30 juli 2014

‘Zip Talk’ for TEDxMaastricht still Innovative

“Cross-over between departments within hospitals to Improve quality of care” A way to improve quality of care within hospitals is to encourage and facilitate the exchange […]