‘Zip Talk’ for TEDxMaastricht still Innovative

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28 mei 2014
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7 augustus 2014
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‘Zip Talk’ for TEDxMaastricht still Innovative

“Cross-over between departments within hospitals to Improve quality of care”

A way to improve quality of care within hospitals is to encourage and facilitate the exchange of personnel between departments.

In a step by step procedure a hospital can motivate it’s personnel to change department and work for – say a year – in another line of work.

Using (internal) social media may help to implement this process.

This way the hospital stimulates a cross-over of knowledge and skills and boosts the quality of care within the hospital on the whole.

In addition it opens the way between different cultures, promotes understanding and a sense of community.
And as a side effect it has the potential to improve employee satisfaction on the whole!